Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halloween is coming!!!!!

My favorite holiday of all!!!! Why? you ask, well I'll tell you.
1) No presents to buy
2) No expectations
3) You can choose to participate or not and people won't think you are a sad depressed person
4)You get to dress up and be in public and people will smile and compliment instead of looking at you like you have lost your mind
5)You don't have to dust for a month because the spider webs are part of the decor
6)When do you get to make foods like chocolate spiders, white chocolate bones and finger foods that look like fingers?
7) And the best of ALL...... making your costume!!!

What to be this year? Three years ago I lost my mind or came to my senses. It depends how you look at it and who you ask. I decided there had to be more to life after 50 than the same old routine. I decided to seize the day each and everyday. That is when I decided to start dressing up again and going out on Halloween without little children in tow. They are all grown and my daughter loves Halloween more than I do and still dresses up. Three years ago I was a "Fairy of the Vineyard". I made a lovely skirt out of netting with a wide satin bow. I needle felted clusters of grapes and leaves and lovingly stitched tiny beads to each grape. At a party one lady didn't realize I was in costume and said she would wear the skirt to work or out on the town. She thought it was beautiful. Well thank you so much but this means next year I must jack it up a notch.
The next year I was a slutty vampire. Not just an ordinary vampire mind you, a slutty one. Ok people, vampires are extremely sexual creatures. They draw the unsuspecting in with their seductive powers. The are beautiful on the outside but a hideous creature from the belly of Hell within. Pardon me for a A.D.D. moment when I say that last night I watched "Dracula" with Gary Oldman who is to me my dream man from Hell. Oh he loved Mina so much. If I ever get a cat I will name her Mina. Ok back to costumes.
Last year I was a Sugar Skull. The clothes part was just something extremely bright and colorful. The fun was getting crazy with the face paint. Let me tell you it is not easy painting your face in the mirror with a tiny paint brush.

Sooooo..... what to be this year? A cannibal perhaps? Would have to figure out a way for it to look like I had straw going through my nose. That would bug me all night. A dead trapeze performer who fell from great heights? No, I don't look good enough or brave enough to go out in something that skimpy. Then again A satin skirt with a fluffy net ruffle just about the knee may work? Hummmmmm, I think I like that. Now I need to find someone with a kid who has a frilly umbrella I could borrow. I will probably change my mind several times but that is what is so much fun about Halloween. No limits and I love having a large margin of creative choices.

Ps. No one thought I looked slutty either.

Friday, August 3, 2012

seriously good stuff

The Last Stretch of Summer

 Last year I met this lovely lady at a show and she flipped over my work. She asked if I would come to the beach to do a trunk show and I did once in July and once in Aug. In between visits she would call and tell me to overnight her more Beach Bottle necklaces PRONTO! It was a match made in Heaven. This year I have been going every other weekend from the start of summer. I used to set up and go to the beach. This was a pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself and I do. I decided to stick around and be there to answer questions and talk up my treasures this year. I'm a terrible sales person. I create , I don't sell. I do get excited talking about the hunt of components or the process of how it is made. I'll leave the selling to Jenny, Sharon & Tori. They rock at it !!! The really nice thing about being in the store is that I have gotten to know these ladies much better. We have had lots of fun and I even enjoyed playing stock and price girl when it got slow. Once Jenny had samples of a rum cake from Wilmington that was to die for. I made wine spritzers for the costomers. Last time a local organic ice cream business was doing tasting beside me. We sampled all day. They made a special flavor called Salty Sugar Britches and it was fab! I have 2 more trips to Sugar Britches this summer. I will be sad to see this end. Jenny closes her stores after Labor Day. Sniff sniff. I will be sad to see my sweet summer gig come to a close. I will miss Jenny and her crew. They have been good to me and I have enjoyed every moment this this fun group of ladies.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

For The Love Of Patina

I love to experiment and this is the best way for me to learn. I highly recommend it. I am not a "diva" artist. If someone is going to steal your ideas then so be it. I find it flattering as long as they are not in your same market area and they add their own touch to it. If someone ask how I do something I am more than happy to share information.

What I do have a problem with is when someone ask where I bought my supplies or how I got a patina. This is part of the coming into your own process as an artist. If I were to tell someone exactly where to go to find their components it would take the thrill of the hunt from them. If told them exactly how I got these colors of patina, they would miss out on the satisfaction of discovery.

It is fine to share your knowledge and I do but it is also so important to experiment and come up with your own "happy accidents." Patinas are tricky business. You could get the solution at Michael's ( God forbid) or you can do some reading and exploring and then spend some time throwing some good old kitchen science into action. Set it in the sun and wake up the next morning to OMG!!!!!!!! Look what I did!!!!! I ROCK!!!!!!!

I would not want to rob anyone of that adrenaline rush you get when you discover something on your own. I have experimented with lots of methods and it is always a surprise. So many things can influence the color. The amount of time under the torch, the amount of chemicals, duration in the sun or shade, humidity and sometimes you will not know how you got that color but you will know you are all that and a bag of chips. I got pink one time and have never got that color again. It was a pair of earrings. Side by side , same process, one turned pink the other totally different. You just can't predict 100% sameness.

My point is that you need to play. You need to ask yourself "What if" or "Why not" and do it. If it flops throw it in the pickle and start over. The great thing about metal is it is very forgiving and the more you beat it up the better. Unlike most people.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

All of the things that I adore in this piece. First the beautiful mud from Elaine Ray ceramic bead artist here in Nc.  I love Elaine's multi colored beads. I love to pick her bead first and move color around it. I love to pull from it and mix different textures and elements. This necklace has the earth, metal, the sparkle of rhinestones and the corrosive patina. I will hate to part with this one.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Creative Food Creative Brain Creative Work

 I love the farmer's market in the summer !!!!! The smells and color are enough to get inspired. Nothing but color and shapes as far as the eye can see. Yes produce gets my creative juices flowing. You just can't beat the color of an open cantaloupe or blueberry stains.
I am poor as dirt and live on an extremely tight budget.  Eating healthy is cheap people !!!! Water is practically free and it is in restaurants or at a fountain.
Our bodies are created to eat what is in season. I do get a little sick of squash by the middle of summer. I eat very little meat but that is only because I cook for one and it is expensive. We do need protein and can get it in many ways. Eggs and Whole Foods fresh ground peanut butter are my top picks. I love the book by Barbara Kingsolver
Who knew a book about food could be so entertaining? I am on a quest to eat my way to be more creative. Fueling my imagination with wholesome goodness, long walks with Zelda, music out the ying yang  and lots of laughter with friends. I have limited myself to Facebook because it drains the life out of me and makes me lazy. I would rather write my thoughts on my blog because it is like keeping a journal that you share. It doesn't matter if anyone reads it.
I am also reading my sister in laws book Tari knows her stuff and makes being healthy a no brain er. It is because of her and my brother that I started eating organic and healthy 5 years ago.  My body is strong when my brain is not. My body keeps me going when I don't feel like it. I only have one body and one wonky brain and I need them to work together.

Crap food makes me feel sluggish. My weakness is ice cream in summer and cookies dipped in coffee in winter. I allow myself to have these very rarely. My going out to eat weakness is french fries and fried fish. I don't eat out often so when I do I let it rip for one night.

The best thing about eating fresh live food is it is so easy and fast. You can do it all in one pan people. The less it is cooked the better. Last night I cut up yellow squash, zucchini, onion, garlic, cut the corn off the cob, eggplant all from the farmers market. I stir fried it all along with cut up catfish and a little old bay. It was so yummy , cheap and healthy. Just a tiny bit of olive oil. All of this was done in my treasured cast iron skillet which by the way will put a zap of iron in what is cooking.

I must confess I did eat some Ben & Jerry's Greek frozen strawberry yogurt. A girl has got to live a little. Today my treat will be fresh peaches and blueberries .

I think today I may stain some fabric with blueberries and search for paper the color of cantaloupes . Yum!!!!