Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halloween is coming!!!!!

My favorite holiday of all!!!! Why? you ask, well I'll tell you.
1) No presents to buy
2) No expectations
3) You can choose to participate or not and people won't think you are a sad depressed person
4)You get to dress up and be in public and people will smile and compliment instead of looking at you like you have lost your mind
5)You don't have to dust for a month because the spider webs are part of the decor
6)When do you get to make foods like chocolate spiders, white chocolate bones and finger foods that look like fingers?
7) And the best of ALL...... making your costume!!!

What to be this year? Three years ago I lost my mind or came to my senses. It depends how you look at it and who you ask. I decided there had to be more to life after 50 than the same old routine. I decided to seize the day each and everyday. That is when I decided to start dressing up again and going out on Halloween without little children in tow. They are all grown and my daughter loves Halloween more than I do and still dresses up. Three years ago I was a "Fairy of the Vineyard". I made a lovely skirt out of netting with a wide satin bow. I needle felted clusters of grapes and leaves and lovingly stitched tiny beads to each grape. At a party one lady didn't realize I was in costume and said she would wear the skirt to work or out on the town. She thought it was beautiful. Well thank you so much but this means next year I must jack it up a notch.
The next year I was a slutty vampire. Not just an ordinary vampire mind you, a slutty one. Ok people, vampires are extremely sexual creatures. They draw the unsuspecting in with their seductive powers. The are beautiful on the outside but a hideous creature from the belly of Hell within. Pardon me for a A.D.D. moment when I say that last night I watched "Dracula" with Gary Oldman who is to me my dream man from Hell. Oh he loved Mina so much. If I ever get a cat I will name her Mina. Ok back to costumes.
Last year I was a Sugar Skull. The clothes part was just something extremely bright and colorful. The fun was getting crazy with the face paint. Let me tell you it is not easy painting your face in the mirror with a tiny paint brush.

Sooooo..... what to be this year? A cannibal perhaps? Would have to figure out a way for it to look like I had straw going through my nose. That would bug me all night. A dead trapeze performer who fell from great heights? No, I don't look good enough or brave enough to go out in something that skimpy. Then again A satin skirt with a fluffy net ruffle just about the knee may work? Hummmmmm, I think I like that. Now I need to find someone with a kid who has a frilly umbrella I could borrow. I will probably change my mind several times but that is what is so much fun about Halloween. No limits and I love having a large margin of creative choices.

Ps. No one thought I looked slutty either.

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