Friday, August 3, 2012

The Last Stretch of Summer

 Last year I met this lovely lady at a show and she flipped over my work. She asked if I would come to the beach to do a trunk show and I did once in July and once in Aug. In between visits she would call and tell me to overnight her more Beach Bottle necklaces PRONTO! It was a match made in Heaven. This year I have been going every other weekend from the start of summer. I used to set up and go to the beach. This was a pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself and I do. I decided to stick around and be there to answer questions and talk up my treasures this year. I'm a terrible sales person. I create , I don't sell. I do get excited talking about the hunt of components or the process of how it is made. I'll leave the selling to Jenny, Sharon & Tori. They rock at it !!! The really nice thing about being in the store is that I have gotten to know these ladies much better. We have had lots of fun and I even enjoyed playing stock and price girl when it got slow. Once Jenny had samples of a rum cake from Wilmington that was to die for. I made wine spritzers for the costomers. Last time a local organic ice cream business was doing tasting beside me. We sampled all day. They made a special flavor called Salty Sugar Britches and it was fab! I have 2 more trips to Sugar Britches this summer. I will be sad to see this end. Jenny closes her stores after Labor Day. Sniff sniff. I will be sad to see my sweet summer gig come to a close. I will miss Jenny and her crew. They have been good to me and I have enjoyed every moment this this fun group of ladies.

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