Monday, June 4, 2012

The light is on and someone is home

How often have we learned a new technique and never used it. We buy everything we need and take a fabulous $$$ class only to fall back on the familiar and safe comfort zone of our work. Two years ago I really wanted to dabble more in putting fabric and fibers in my jewelry. I took a fiber arts class with Liz Kettle at Art & Soul in Hampton, Va. It opened up a new direction for me and I made a few pieces and then  BLAHHHHHHHH put it aside and went back to my tried and true routine of soldering everything in sight.

While cooking beets last night, I looked at the beautiful red juice and remembered that you can make dye from beets. Googled natural dyes and started boiling fabric in water and vinegar to stabilize and beet tops and bottoms in another pan.

Being that I'm very impatient when I'm excited about a new idea, I got another piece of fabric to practice on while my beet infused piece was drying. I pulled out all of my fabric paints and woodcut very cool fabric stamps I bought at Art & Soul and started printing like a crazy woman in my jammies this morning before anyone in their right mind was awake. What can I say , I'm a morning person. When it hits it hits and you have to run with in. Normally I would keep at this until I ran put of fabric because I'm have way to much fun and never make anything with this great fabric. It would just sit there until I had a " OOOOOOOOH yeaaaaaaah" moment. So I lectured myself and said " you have to make something today and do a finished piece or else I won't play with you anymore.  I set my mind on it and put on my Nora Jones Pandora station really low because it is still very early in the morning at this point. I completely finished it and I am happy with the results. I am happy I had results. I am happy I used skills in the back, stored up part of my busy creative brain. Now if I could only remember where I put all that fabric I printed in that class.

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