Monday, June 18, 2012

Doggie Park Drama

Serious drama at the doggie park last night. Dakota , Zelda's fellow collie friend and who's owner is the very nice man , got a bum rap. Dakota went over to some dog and started humping her. To be expected at a park full of dogs and most people laugh and fuss at their dogs. David jumped up right away and walked over to get Dakota. The stupid girl freaked out and picked her dog up, who by the way was not unhappy in the least of his attention towards her. No growling, whimpering or even barking. Just happy I think you are beautiful and want to get to know you humping which she was rather enjoying. 
Naturally when she picked her dog up Dakota jumps up on her saying, hey give her back we were not done yet and were having fun. David told her to put her dog down, please lady just put the dog down. Again they are acting like dogs. She is screaming "Get your dog under control" at the top of her lungs". As poor David is trying to get his dog she is screaming non stop. No one rushes to help her because everyone can tell there is no danger and Dakota is happy and smiling and jumping for his new girlfriend. 
David brings his dog back over to the other side and does the right thing and speaks firmly to his dog and holds him to the ground so he will submit. Which he did. He then sat in his chair huffing and puffing and I thought he may have a heart attack. His dog at his feet laying very still with his feet on top of him holding him in place until everyone calmed down. Dakota did not move and was totally under control.
At this time the girl is holding her dog who by the way is not a small dog . Bigger that a beagle, half the size of a collie. Texting like crazy and yelling across the park, " leash your dog NOW, get your dog under control"!!!!!!! Everyone is looking at her like she is nuts because Dakota is all laid out on his side pinned down gently. Gradually a few people come sit on our side to tell David his dog was fine and he handled it properly. We all chatted about doggie behavior and said we hoped this young woman never had kids because if she thinks this is bad just wait till she has a child on a playground or ball pit at McDonalds.
He released his dog after all was calm and Dakota sat by his side with Puck ( older sibling collie) and Zelda. It was the Collie Club. Dakota stood up and barked one time at David and sat back down. The girl started yelling at him again across the park " Get your dog under control or I'm calling the cops" WHAT? He is sitting down and barked one time and not at you dumb ass ( sorry but she really was). And yes she called the police.
More people came and sat on our side and no one sat with her. This is the cool part. All of the dogs were running, humping, playing, wrestling and acting like real dogs.  All of a sudden they all got quiet and came and sat around Dakota. It was the cool dogs side and they banned together because they knew one of their own was in trouble. 
It took a very long time for the park officer to get there and you know they hate these calls. She got up to leave and yelled again at David using the F bomb several times. One lady told her she was over reacting and another man told her not to come back and she was no longer welcome at this dog park. I told David he should not say anything. He had several witnesses and it would be fine. 

The park guy finally got there and we all told him the TRUE story. He then asked if anyone threaten the lady. OOOPs the man who told her not to come back told him what he said. "Sir please don't tell someone they are not welcome to the park" Briskets daddy "sorry I was really mad" . The lady sitting with us said it was in the bi laws of the park that you can ask someone to leave if they or their dog is not behaving. Her dog was fine it was her. These are all people who have been coming to this park for years. 

The weekends seem to bring the guilt ridden people out who have to keep their dogs confined all week. Note to self, don't go to doggie park on weekends. Note to crazy lady , humping is not aggressive behavior. A dog will not allow it unless they want to. Zelda has been humped many times even by other girls. She just sits down and it stops. Lady your dog is a slut and was loving her some Dakota. 
This is Dakota and his older brother Puck. The bottom picture was taken when the crazy girl was screaming at this poor man to get his dog under control or she was calling the cops. REALLY ? Does Dakota LOOK like he is out of control? Dakota is the one siting down. 

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