Saturday, June 16, 2012

Creative Cleaning and Clutter Removal

Yes cleaning is very therapeutic for me. It feels like I have full control of my life and I own it. I'm putting all the mess in my life back together and cleaning the dirty parts up and throwing the unwanted things away. I wish it was that easy to do in my life. Knock it all out in one day. Wouldn't that be nice? 
With it just being me I don't know why I let things get away from me. Part of my new structure and list. Start having a kitchen cleaning day, bathroom cleaning day and yada yada yada. I almost rearranged furniture but told myself that this was a cleaning and cooking day NOT a redecorating day. Glad I listened to that little fairy voice in my head. Not to many options for moving things around in here and it was probably that naughty fairy voice trying to trip me up and get me off of my original plan. Go me!!!! I win!!!
What does this have to do with being creative? LOTS! When cleaning you find things and you notice things. What did I notice? Shadows , yes shadows. I love filtered light and shadows. I hate mini blinds but they provide fantastic shadows on the wall. It is very breezy and mild today so the windows are open and the wind causes the shadows to dance. The air moving through the apartment gives it a fresh feel. Nothing stale , out with the old air and fresh clean air filling every space. This is not typical June weather in North Carolina I can tell you that folks. 

So today I haven't made any jewelry but I do have lots of inspiration and a clean home to begin the day with tomorrow. A aired out clutter free apartment as well as head. I just enjoyed my surroundings in my tree house fairy home. I did go to the farmers market and plan on cooking myself something very delish but that is another post for  another day. Hummmm  produce and cooking, what does that have to do with being creative? LOTS!!!! 

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