Monday, April 9, 2012

Play Days

While most folks were having Easter celebrations with family and food I spent my day pretty much alone. I love my family but sometimes it is nice to know that while the world is busy busy busy, I am not. This is not a sad thing at all. This was a much needed thing for me.
I spent my morning in historic Oakwood Cemetery taking pictures, enjoying the fragrance of all the blooming trees and shrubs with my ipod blasting  Spirit in the Sky
I smiled, I cried a little but most of all I felt very strong and good about my life in general. I visited with my daughter and  came home and felt a surge of creativity.
The good thing about allowing yourself to feel the pain along with the joy in your life is that it gets all the funk out of the way so you can fly. Pain is there in us all and you can't go around it, above it or beneath it. You have to hold your head up high and walk through it. There is nothing wrong with tears. I feel for people who cannot cry. At my menopausal age I cry at the drop of a hat and to tell you the truth it feels pretty darn good. It is cleansing and it makes us stronger.
With windows and doors wide open and music flowing I pulled out a sheet of copper, fired up the torch and had a play day.


Since I have a difficult time staying on one thing and it was getting dark it was time to come in and switch gears. I pulled out my stack of destroyed/ enhanced National Geographic pages, acrylic inks, and an antique book of Shakesphere's sonnets and went to town with ipod in and flew away again.  This is my drug of choice. This helps me in ways that no one else can. This helps me love and accept myself. This is who I am. I am an artist and am so happy to be the way that I am. Today I will be with people but yesterday was much needed and not lonely or sad in the least. I spent the day with one of my best friends. Me

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