Thursday, March 22, 2012

So much work so little time

At job #1 we are a buzz redecorating and rearranging the entire store for our Spring open house. Creative juices are flowing from every direction and sweat too. Everyone's best talents are flying in every direction.
The warehouse crew are transforming dirty old beat up furniture back to life in ways I never thought possible. A true art in this skill. Jodie has the most amazing skill for using pieces in ways that they were not meant to be used. The lady thinks outside , around and over the box. Joe does a little bit of everything and is the solid ground from which we stand. Jackie, Jo and I do who knows what and everything in-between.
In the past few weeks I have been the landscaper,seamstress, sales person, keeper of cats, painted frames and transformed them to memo boards, painted lots of sewing machine drawers, loved on Maxie and Parrish, decorator, maid and the best part working with people I am proud to call my friends.
Did I mention loving on Maxie and Parrish? Every morning I am greeted at the door by hungry felines. Parrish has decided this week that I am her best friend and jumps in my lap when I'm sewing and puts her head in the bend of my arm. It is an awwwwwwww moment but makes its hard to sew. Sometimes you have to take a break and love on the cats.

Then I come home and work on job #2. Springtime brings so much inspiration to create beautiful jewels. So many ideas are filling my head. It's hard to find the energy but once I slip into that zone I'm good. My work table is filled with flower petals and rhinestone chain. Sometimes I just sit and look at it's beauty and then the ideas spark.
I am so grateful to be an artist. I have struggled with my wonky brain, my disorganized work space and finding out what I do best. I will hopefully always be discovering what I do best. The creative process is an ongoing journey that never gets boring.

Time to make some jewels
P.S. Pollen season is not an antiques stores friend. I hate to dust !!!!!!!!!!

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