Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Beginnings

Springtime has hit crazy early and I'm glad of it. After a mild winter filled with gloomy skies I need sunshine. I am very much affected by the weather. Don't get me wrong, no one gets more excited over a snow forecast. Break out the mixer and rolling pin, soup and hot chocolate . Blanket and book by the window after a nice long walk in snowy silence.

The pitfall is no motivation to create. I roll with sunshine and windows open. Music blasting and the ideas just pour out of my fairy head. Sometimes silence and just the music provided by the birds in the trees and barking dogs.

February I was busy moving into my first apartment EVER. I'm a late bloomer. I skipped that part of my life when I was in my twenties. I'm living in the city and fine it like living in a safe little bubble. Leaving the  city is like going into a dangerous world of fast moving, rushing, shopping centers and mall hoppers. You would think that the city would be more fast pace but I don't see it that way. People walk and eat outside with their dogs sitting politely beside them. They gather after work and just chill out and meet with friends to eat. Runners, walkers, walkers with dogs, strollers, kids in wagons and babies in all kinds of interesting things they did not have when I had babies.

All of this absorbing and people watching stirs my creative flow. It has been a long time if ever I have just sat with my mouth shut and watched the world go by. Especially the mouth shut part.

I am pretty much settled in now and my studio awaits. I have been working with lots of vintage tea and cookie tins.So much color and very lightweight. When working with found objects and vintage materials, what you once could find in abundance may not be later on. So you are given the challenge to always change things up a bit. I like that.

Sooooooo you will be seeing lots of tin from me for a while. I have a new look coming to my Etsy store so it is still under construction for now. I'm taking time off from shows for a year to focus on my consignment stores, website and wholesalers. I will get the itch when show season starts. Oh my gypsy soul will be longing to fly.  Right now I need more to sit back and absorb a bit more and experiment and grow as an artist. It feels good.

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