Sunday, January 15, 2012

in*spi*ra*tion : a sudden brilliant, creative, or timely idea.
Every creative person will tell you they hit a slump, a snag or brick wall from time to time. We suffer from burn out. We get too many ideas at once and the get all caddywompus in ours heads. Nothing flows or transforms and there is just a big clump or a tangle blocking things up.
This is how I have been feeling. So how do I get unstuck? It may sound a bit trite but nature is on the top of my list usually. Winter is not helping and I'm very tired of gray. Branches and their skeletal forms and birds help but no cigar.
After searching my photos for profile pics for facebook, I always zip past my old work. I ask myself " Why did I stop making those?" " Wow I did that?" " I haven't used those in ages ". DING! the brilliant, creative or timely idea sparks. 

What a fabulous feeling to inspire yourself. These are some of my favorite things I have made and not sure why I stopped making them. Probably because I am a fickle artist and can't stand repetition of any kind. These are from 2006. To be continued .............

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  1. All your work is amazing. I am SO proud to be able to see your see your growth over the last few years!