Monday, January 16, 2012

Inspiration part2:
I am not going to continue with my other past pieces that inspire me this morning. Like I said I cannot stand repetition of any kind. That would get very dull for us all "Day After Day".  OOOOO Badfinger ! Love that song.
Books! Never can one have enough books.  My new book from the fab Misty Mawn came. Her work is nothing like mine but I find so much inspiration from her work and her videos. I can tell it comes from the deepest part of her soul. It is her core. She gets it big time. The confusion and frustration of being a creative somewhat wonky person. I met Misty at Art & Soul and she is lovely as well as creative. I am reading every page. The basic concepts I already know. I've been at this for a while. The part I love is seeing those through someone else's eyes. It was the same taking a soldering class from Sally Jean. I teach soldering but I wanted to try it her way, through her eyes and hands. We are never to old to learn and I hope I never stop learning. xo

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