Saturday, January 28, 2012

Inspiration Part 8 : Friends

I have always been blessed with tons of friends. More than I can keep up with. Sometimes I think I have too many. Nahhhhh not possible. I have:
Old friends from back in the day
Friends from the mommies day
Friends from working at preschool which not only consist of my fellow teachers but parents I kept as friends.
Neighbor friends
Artist friends
Present day work friends
Friends from the stores that carry my jewelry
My daughters friends that no longer are her friends but our friends

I have old and young friends. The older ones provide great wisdom. The young ones give a fresh new insight. my iddy biddy friends give lots of kisses. This only scratches the surface on friends old and new.
Friends can be fury, preschool mommies, party girls from the 70's,childhood neighbors, friends boyfriends that pop out of a cake for you, beadfreak friends, friends iddy biddies, people who will sing Bon Jovi songs with you at weddings, your sister, family from first marriages and people you meet from shows. So many I missed so I may have to continue . I feel so loved and have the biggest smile on my face right now.

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