Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspiration Part 7 Switching gears

Before I made jewelry, I painted. In high school oils and only oils. I loved all the smells and the spring of a stretched canvas. I also loved quill and ink and all the cross hatching and scratch scratch sound on the paper.
When the babies started coming and it was time to be grown up and responsible the art supplies went away to collect dust.  I started painting again  and my teacher became my good friend and my biggest enemy at times. I can be a pain in the ass sometimes and very stubborn. Lynn would say " Bigger bigger" & " No iffy lines". Thank you Lynn for riding me so hard. Sometimes Lynn would tell other people nice encouraging things about their work. She would get to me and ..... not fuss... not nag.... what is the right word? Basically I think what she meant was " I think you can do much better and I'm going to push and challenge you because I think you are THAT good" For that I thank you Lynn my friend.
Over the years I have begun to like my work. I actually love my work. I used to say that anyone could look at something and draw it. I want to create out of my head, not what I see. I want to paint like Salvador Dali. I want to create something from my imagination. What I have learned about myself is that I create real things with my twist from my imagination. It may just be flowers or birds but they are my flowers and birds. They are what I love and are things I find beautiful. They are things I want to look at and feel calm and feel good fuzzy.

 Pardon the glare of the glass
First watercolor
Love my frog

 My biggest accomplishment
My newer work in much darker but there is always light somewhere in it. I am not in a dark place now. Quite the contrary. I am entering into a magical realm of fantasy of acrylic inks and love it.

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  1. is the bottom stuff your new stuff??? LOVE IT!!!!