Sunday, January 22, 2012

Inspiration Part 5 Cleaning and getting dirty

The "Creative Nest" is partially clean. I can now walk through without tripping, bumping things with my hip, knocking things in the floor and stepping on things that flip and a multitude of tiny components go flying. There were lots of sounds of ping clank ping as I vacuumed. A dreaded sound indeed. I was so tempted to open the bag to retrieve my sucked up treasures but decided it wasn't worth the constant sneezing that would follow. "Let it go" I said to myself. To the best of my knowledge there was only one tiny key and a disc cut from old tin. The rest  was nothing to exciting....I hope...I will never know. "Let it go" !!!!! "Do NOT open that bag" !! What followed was a storm of great ideas. I was about to toss a heavy industrial piece of chain that was good only for hanging something like a plant or something. I think it came from a box of crap I bought somewhere when rattin. "I don't need this" I said to myself. My rule is if you haven't worn or used it in 3 years it's time for it to go. Waaaaiiittttt a minute ....just maybe.... hummmmmmmmm. Just in time for Valentine's jewels !!!!! Ball & Chain, Shackles of Love, Unchained Melodies and the list goes on. Now if I could just get the tops on my tables and desk cleaned up and organized. Overwhelming job but I find the greatest stuff I forgot I had or I thought was lost. Notice I don't have a picture of the other side. Another day's work.

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