Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inspiration Part 3 : Gifts & Kip Winger

Making something special for someone special is very rewarding and makes both parties feel like a winner. You are not creating what YOU want, you are creating what you think they will want but with your personal spin on it.

My coworker is going on a grand adventure and I love her dearly. She is 30 years my junior but grew up fast and has enlightened me over the years of the ways of this crazy world as we now know it. Leah has heard me say many times " Girls do what????!!!!???? My how things have changed.

I made my rock n roll girl a necklace of music bits and bobbles of music she loves. Big hair bands of all things. Not my area of expertise. My brothers day in the sun, I had a 2 and 5 year old and was listening to Raffi. I did watch MTV while folding clothes when then were a rock music show.

Leah's necklace was made from black leather, charms of guns,roses, snakes,lots of black beads, chain,music notes, bone dice and we had to " put a bird on it". That smile makes making gifts worth while. When she wears it she can say the coolest middle aged woman made it just for me because she loves me.

Much to my surprise Leah did not know who Kip Winger was . "WHAT" I say????!!!! Only the best lookin thing that ever came out of the 80's gurl287546.jpg

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