Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Day Off? Or is it?

My first day off since the 9th from my Job #1. "Is the antique business THAT busy right now?" you ask, well as a matter of fact it is. Lots of organizing going on in the store and customers are looking for the same. Shelves and bookcases OH MY !
Today I will be working on Job #2. All of my consignment places need to be restocked and freshened up. One down and 3 to go. We won't even mention my Etsy store because that is just plan sad right now. I'm thinking it may close for construction for a bit.
Job #3 is going on hold for a while. To much going on in my life to do shows and I am just slam burnt out. I need to rekindle the creative flames and not be pulled in too many directions.
Summer Job #4 will be soooooo welcomed. Had an amazing arrangement with Sugar Britches at Holden Beach. Twice a month I would go for the day and set up my work in the store. Go to the beach all day long. Book, ipod, chair, blanket, cooler, 2 beers, snacks , sketch pad, colored pencils, camera, a jar for ocean water ( best patina solution EVER), container for sand and tiny shells ( beach bottle necklaces I make for Sugar Britches) ALLLLLLL alone, total isolation, sweet time for me to ponder, relax and enjoy. Pack up, eat a yummy supper of seafood, get my loot and a sweet fat check.
Sugar Britches will be moving to a new location this year so I'm not sure which beach I will be going to. I'll need new sand. I have a collection of labeled sand from 3 beaches now.
Job #5 is in the works. I really would like to sell my mixed media art as well. This is more of a passion but the jewelry is fun and pays the bills.

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