Monday, August 22, 2011

Wishing for wings that work

It's wing time now that summer is coming to a close. The cicadas are getting slow and bumping into things, getting caught by cats and just simply meeting their demise naturally. They are such interesting insects.
Cicadas are one of the loudest insects in the world. They have a 13 year or more life cycle. They lay their eggs in bark and the nymphs burrow into the ground and stay for years. They emerge when the time is right according to rain and temperature as those exoskeletons you find on trees. The back splits and the big clumsy cicada emerges to sing very very loudly. No I did not look up this info. I was a master gardener and loved my insect classes I think more that any other. Spiders and butterflies have such a short life span. Their only time is to eat, sleep,mate and die. The cicada gets to live a long life and sing high in the trees. They may not be pretty overall but their wings are so beautiful. Transparent with distinct vines in all sizes. The males sing for their mate and I'm sure loudness matters. Today I will give my wings their last dip in resin. thanks to those who have collected for me. I have a great supply and will be posting them on my Etsy store this week. I have several new ideas for them this year since I think I'm part fairy.
Stay tunes.......

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