Thursday, June 23, 2011

Re fueling

As a jewelry or any other artist, I think it is necessary to switch gears from time to time. Yesterday I helped a friend make a necklace who is a potter. She got to switch gears. Today I'm going on an adventure of sorts. An artist swap. I highly recommend it if you need a break or are in a slump. I have done a few and they are tons of fun.
How to do this:
Get a hotel with your friends so no one has to worry about cleaning house. No interruptions or taking the dog out or cleaning the kitty litter box. Split 4 ways it's pretty cheap.
Everyone brings their favorite supplies.
Everyone creates one piece of art to swap. It can be random or pick a name to make it more personal.
I cannot say what I made because it would spoil the surprise.
Spread your stuff out and share, inspire and create.
Bring plenty of snacks, backed goodies and wine.
Take pool breaks.
Paint on each other.
Write in journals.
Rip up books and fabric and bring plenty of glue.
Use mediums that you have never tried.
Stitch,paint,draw, write,talk, laugh, listen, share and learn.
I will not take my torch as I do not think a hotel would like that to much but I think I will take the old soldering iron.
You will be rested, rejuvenated and full of creative fire when you come home.
Remember to drink lots of water and take a big bottle of aspirin.

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